Official forms for download


Identification Form (PDF)

Project Description (PDF)

Project Description (Excel)


Identification Form – official form in download area
The provided form is to be completed, signed, and enclosed in an envelope on which outside only the six-figure identification code appears, and submitted along with the CV.
In the Identification Form, the professor also confirms that he/she has supervised the work.

Project Description – official form in download area
A short and concise description of the project shall outline the key features of the design.  The fundamental ideas/considerations behind the design are to be stated here.

  • - architectural aspects
  • - functional aspects
  • - urban aspects
  • - economical and ecological aspects
  • - social aspects, etc.


Please note
The Identification Form and the CV are to be submitted by post and digitally.
The Project Description is to be submitted with the digital submission.

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