Questions and Answers for the Blue Award 2016:


01) Can dissertations and diploma thesis also be submitted to the Blue Award 2016?

Yes, dissertations and diploma thesis from semesters as specified in the competition documentation may also be submitted.


02) Do the submitted documents have to be identical to those submitted to the University, or are additional presentation documents (drawings, images, etc.) allowed?

The submitted project should be presented as well as possible within the stipulated format (2 x A1, portrait orientation). The submitted plans and images do not have to be identical with those submitted to the university.


03) I have completed the first part of my studies and I am currently working as a trainee. Can a project be submitted although I am not currently enrolled at the university?

Yes, provided that the project falls within one of the specified semesters and you were enrolled at the university at the time of the work. With his/her signature, the academic advisor confirms that the project was supervised and completed during the indicated time period.


04) Can projects be submitted which are part of current coursework for the semesters 2015/2016 or 2016?

The competition is generally intended for completed projects. If, however, the work has reached a completion level sufficient for a competition, and the submission is accepted by the academic advisor, then projects from ongoing coursework may also be submitted.


05) Is there a specific building assignment on a dedicated site?

No, there is no specific design task associated with the Blue Award 2016. Projects eligible for submission and awards are those which were completed within an academic program of architecture and which address the issue of sustainability in architecture.


06) Are the identification form and project description to be submitted at the time of registration or along with the submitted work up until the last day of submission?

The identification form and the project description must to be submitted together with the project/work. For both, digital and analogue submission, the submission deadline is identical.


07) Are smaller design projects and studio exercises also eligible, or only final thesis projects from a bachelor’s or master’s degree?

Projects from all phases of coursework towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be accepted in the degree BA or MA.


08) Does the submitted work have to be part of university coursework under supervision or are private/individual projects also eligible?

Submitted projects must be the result of an architectural academic program, guided by an academic advisor/tutor. The supervisor as university staff is to validate his/her role through a signature.


09) Is the submission digital or analog?

The submission has do be done twice: in digital AND analog form. Only the identification form and your CV have to be sent by post, all the other files can be uploaded by using the sumbission manager on our website. For further details please see our terms of eligibility.


10) Regarding the digital submission of the poster: In what format should the project be presented?

Presentation is limited to a maximum of 2 posters, 84.1 x 59.4 cm (h x w, DIN A1), portrait orientation.


11) Is submitted work to remain anonymous or is the author to be indicated on the documents?

Yes, submitted work is to remain anonymous. All project documents are to be labeled only with the 6-­digit identification code, you have received per mail after the registration of the project. A completed identification form is also to be submitted, as indicated.


12) I completed my studies in June 2015. Can a project be submitted to the competition which stems from my studies?

Only projects from the following semesters can be submitted:

  • Summer Semester 2014
  • Winter Semester 2014/2015
  • Summer Semester 2015
  • Winter Semester 2015/2016
  • Summer Semester 2016

Projects from these semesters are eligible, even if, in the meantime, the degree was completed.


13) Can multiple persons take part in the competition as a team?

Yes, a team of multiple persons can submit a work. In the registration form for the Blue Award, one team member is to be designated as the project leader, all remaining members as collaborators. Additional members can be added after registering a project by editing the existing project.


14) Is there a registration deadline for the competition?

The registration deadline corresponds with the submission deadline.


15) I am studying structural/civil engineering – may I submit a project for the Blue Award 2014?



16) Can multiple projects in different categories from one student / or more students as a group be submitted?

Yes, more than one project may be submitted. Each project, however, requires its own registration for the relevant category.


17) Should the required documents be sent together (as one package)?

Yes, the documents should be sent together. The CV and the identification form should be sent in a sealed envelope with only the six digit ID number and the wording “identification form and CV” written on it in analog form by post (the address can be found on the homepage www.blueaward.at)


18) Which text fields must be completed in the project description?

The blue filled fields are to be completed by the participants. Please keep the replies as short as possible.


19) Is there any size-limit for my uploaded files?

Yes. Each file should not be bigger than 700MB.
All files together should not be bigger than 5GB.


20) My project was supervised by two professors. How would you recommend to fill the participant registration form, since there is space for one name for both the “applicant” and the “supervisor”?

If there are more than one supervisors please state only the name of one. You can freely choose which one, you can name? the other supervisors in the ID form that you’ll have to send by post (just add them to the list). Additional members can be added after registering a project by editing the existing project -> 'add a new project member'-button on the bottom of the page.


21) If we want to submit a group project, what does that mean for the CV submission?

Only the team-leader can digitally upload his/her CV, all other group members and the tem-leader have to send their CV with the analog submission.


22) Can I submit my panels in A1 landscape orientation?

No. Projects can only be submitted in A1 portrait orientation.


23) What should the envelope that is required to be sent by post include?

In addition to the digital submission, a signed identification form and a CV is to be sent in analog form by post in a sealed envelope with only the six digit ID number and the wording “identification form and CV” written on it (the address is available here).

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