The Department for Spatial and Sustainable Design from the Vienna University of Technology organizes the BLUE AWARD.

The Blue Award is a biennial, international student competition and awards projects addressing the topic of sustainability in the academic fields of architecture, engineering, regional planning and urbanism. The economical, cultural and social dimensions of sustainable development should be equal in significance to the classical problems of technique and function.

The competition is an open invitation to future-oriented and sustainable solutions. How will our built environment present itself in the coming years?  Not a one-dimensional approach leads to results, but rather a comprehensive view of the tasks at hand is necessary in order to provide solutions and protect an environment worth experiencing.


The Blue Award 2016 is making its fourth appearance as an anonymous, international, single-phase competition, and is intended for students of architecture, engineering, regional planning and urbanism.

For the first edition, Blue Award 09, 163 projects from 86 faculties and architecture schools spread across 49 countries were submitted.

The second edition of the international competition Blue Award 2012 was again an unanticipated success. 232 projects from all over the world. 101 universities and schools of architecture, regional planning and urbanism, from 38 countries worldwide, participated.

Though less in number compared to 2012, the quality of the works of the third edition, Blue Award 2014, clearly increased. 39 universities and schools of architecture, regional planning and urbanism, from 22 countries worldwide, participated and demonstrated solutions in many fields such as urban development or ecological building.




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